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Privacy Policy

  1. Overview

    1. Thank you for using www.voyak.com.au. This Privacy Policy is a statement by Voyak® AFS (ABN 90 184 842 780) (“we”, “us”, “our”) and our related bodies corporate.
    2. Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act), which includes the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and any related privacy codes.
    3. This Policy outlines how we collect, use, disclose and store your personal information. This Policy will also let you know how you can access that information. It applies to all personal information collected via our website (www.voyak.com.au), mobile app and social media accounts (together, Online Services).
    4. Please read this Policy carefully and contact us on 07 3726 5090 or email us at support@voyak.com.au if you have questions regarding this policy.
    2. You may refuse to give us your consent, and you may withdraw your consent, to some or all of the purposes in this Policy. However, if you do so:
      1. we may not be able to provide our Online Services to you; and
      2. you may need to stop using our Online Services.
  2. What kinds of personal information do we collect and hold?

    1. The type of personal information we collect will depend on the circumstances of its collection and the nature of the dealings with us. This information may include:
      1. your name, current and previous addresses, contact details, date of birth;
      2. payment and transactional information, such as credit card details;
      3. your preferences and opinion about types of products and/or services.
      4. your device ID, device type and information, geo-location information, computer and connection information, statistics on page views, traffic to and from the sites, ad data, Internet Protocol (IP) address and standard web log information;
      5. information contained in any communications between you and us;
      6. any information about you that you provide through our Site or social media, including information you provide if you participate in a survey, promotion or competition.
      This is not an exhaustive list.
  3. Why do we collect your personal information?

    1. We collect your personal information primarily to interact with you, to give you information about our products and services and provide you with our products and services.
    2. Some ways we use your personal information are:
      1. to interact with you;
      2. to provide you with our products and services, including accepting and processing your bookings and providing refunds or discounts;
      3. to give you information about our products and services;
      4. to develop consumer insights so we can better understand your preferences and interests, personalise your experience and enhance the products and/or services you receive;
      5. to perform administrative and operational functions;
      6. to comply with any legal requirements; and
      7. for any other purpose for which you give your consent.
  4. How do we collect your personal information?

    5.1 You provide it to us

    We collect personal information directly from you when you:

    1. use our Online Services;
    2. set up an account with us;
    3. share personal information with us via our Site, app, or social media;
    4. communicate with us;
    5. participate in one of our surveys, promotions or competitions;
    6. interact with our Site, app, or social media and advertising; and
    7. make a booking to use one of our products or services.

    5.2 We collect it

    We also use cookies to collect personal information when you use our Site. We explain our use of cookies, below.

    1. Cookies are small data files transferred onto computers or devices by websites.
    2. When you use or access our Site, we may collect information by sending and storing cookies from our Site to your device.
    3. Cookies tell us when you visit our Site, which pages you visit and the information you download. They also remember your details and preferences so you can easily continue your browsing session when you return to our Site.
    4. If you do not want to activate cookies, you can opt-out of receiving them by amending the settings of your internet browser, however, you may find that some parts of our Site will have limited functionality and personalisation if you do so.

    5.3 We collect it from third parties

    We may also collect your personal information from third parties including:

    1. service providers;
    2. credit reporting bodies;
    3. marketing companies;
    4. referrals who may have referred you to us; and
    5. organisations with whom we have an agreement to share information for marketing purposes.
  5. Disclosing your personal information

    1. We may disclose your personal information to these third parties:
      1. to our related entities and all employees of those entities;
      2. to our business or commercial partners, including the owners or operators of any app or platform for which you have subscribed through us or in connection with us;
      3. to our professional advisers, dealers and agents;
      4. third parties and contractors who provide services to us, including customer enquiries and support services, debt-recover functions, information technology service providers, marketing, advertising and door-knocking services;
      5. payment systems operators;
      6. our sponsors or promoters of any competition that we conduct; and
      7. any third parties authorised by you to receive information held by us.
    2. We may also disclose your personal information if we are required, authorised or permitted by law.
    3. By providing us with your personal information, you consent to us disclosing your personal information to third parties located overseas and acknowledge APP 8.1 does not apply to any such disclosure.
    4. You further acknowledge:
      1. we are not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties located overseas; and
      2. we are not required to ensure do not have to ensure third parties located overseas handle your personal information in compliance with the Privacy Act and the APPs.
  6. Using your personal information for direct marketing

    1. We or our business partners may use your personal information to contact you via phone, SMS, email or mail to promote and market our products and services.
    2. By providing us with your personal information, you consent to us or our business partners contacting you for direct marketing purposes.
    3. You can opt-out from being contacted by us or our business partners for direct marketing purposes by using the unsubscribe facility included in each direct marketing communication we send.
  7. Security

    1. We hold your personal information in electronic form, in secure databases that are owned and operated by our third-party service providers such as Google Cloud Platform for Cloud Computing (GCP) Services and Stripe for Payment Processing.
      1. GCP has servers globally including Australia. Your data will be stored in Australian based Servers.
    2. You can read more on Google’s Cloud Security features through their ‘Trust & Security’ section at cloud.google.com/security.
    3. You can read more on how Stripe manages Payment Security through ‘Security at Stripe’ section at www.stripe.com/docs/security/stripe.
    4. While we take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected from loss, misuse and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, security measures over the internet can never be guaranteed. This means we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information. In the event of a data breach, we will comply with the required data breach reporting laws.
    1. Our Online Services may contain links to websites, other apps and social media platforms operated by third parties.
    2. Those links are provided for convenience and may not remain current or be maintained. Unless stated otherwise, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of, or any content on, those linked websites, and have no control over or rights in those linked websites.
    3. The privacy policies that apply to third parties' websites may differ substantially from this Policy, so we encourage you to read those privacy policies before using those websites.
  8. Accessing or correcting your personal information

    10.1 Accessing your personal information

    1. If you would like to access your personal information, please contact us on 07 3726 5090 or email (support@voyak.com.au).
    2. While we try to give you access to your personal information free of charge, we may charge you a reasonable fee to cover costs associated with:
      1. searching for, locating and retrieving your personal information; and
      2. reproducing and sending you your personal information.
    3. In certain circumstances, we may not be able to give you access to your personal information. In these circumstances, we will write to you to explain why we cannot comply with your request.
    4. We will try to respond to your request for access within 14 days of receiving your request.

    10.2 Correcting your personal information

    1. We try to ensure any personal information we hold about you is accurate, up-to-date, complete and relevant; however, it is your responsibility to advise us of any changes to your personal information.
    2. If you believe the personal information, we hold about you is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or incorrect, please contact us on 07 3726 5090 or email (support@voyak.com.au) and we will take reasonable steps to ensure it is corrected.
    3. We will try to respond to your request for correction within 14 days of receiving your request.
  9. Destroying or de-identifying personal information

    1. We destroy personal information when we no longer need it, unless we are otherwise required or authorised by law to retain the information.
  10. Making a complaint

    1. If you believe your privacy has been breached or you have a complaint about our handling of your personal information, please contact us on 07 3726 5090 or email (support@voyak.com.au)
    2. We take privacy complaints seriously. If you make a complaint, we will respond within a reasonable time to advise you of the person responsible for managing your complaint. We will try to resolve your complaint within 14 days. When this is not reasonably possible, we will contact you within that time to let you know how long we will take to resolve your complaint.
    3. We will investigate your complaint and, where necessary, consult with third parties about your complaint. We will decide how to address your complaint and write to you to explain our decision.
    4. If you are not satisfied with our decision, you can refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner. Details about how to file a complaint can be found at www.oaic.gov.au.
  11. Changes

    1. We may, from time to time, amend this Policy, in whole or part, in our sole discretion.
    2. Any changes to this Policy will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Policy on our Site.
    3. Depending on the nature of the change, we may announce the change on our Site home page or by email (if we have your email address). However, in any event, by continuing to use the Online Services following any changes, you will be deemed to have agreed to such changes.
  12. Feedback and Contact Details

    Your feedback is important to us and our community. We welcome and encourage you to provide feedback, reviews, comments and suggestions for improvements to the Site and our Service ("Feedback"). You may submit Feedback by contacting us at support@voyak.com.au or phone us on 07 3726 5090.

    © 2020. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Voyak® AFS Australia. Terms last updated 03-August-20

COVID-19 Policy

TL; DR Version: Please follow any Federal, State, Local advice on COVID-19 including nationally recognised advice on:

  1. Social Distancing (1.5 meter apart from each other)
  2. General Hygiene (including hand washing and sanitising)
  3. Wearing a face mask where recommended or enforced by authorities

This is essential to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Finally, cooperate with COVID-Safe Plans as set by the Accommodation in which you’re staying. All Accommodations are required by legislation to have appropriate COVID-Safe Plans in place.

  1. Introduction

    1. We all want to be able to travel without any restrictions. In-fact, travel works best when its unrestricted. However, with COVID-19, travel will not be same for a while and we will have to do our bit to limit the spread of COVID-19.
    2. Voyak® therefore is strongly committed to ensuring, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of Guests and Accommodation Providers (AP's) in accordance with its duty of care and obligations under applicable State-based occupational health and safety legislation.
    3. For the sake of clarity, we note that the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared in March 2020 that the coronavirus (COVID-19) was a pandemic.
  2. Purpose

    1. The purpose of this policy is to set out our approach to health and safety within the travel community in relation to the outbreak of COVID-19.
    2. This policy uses the advice as set by Federal and State authorities. This policy will change as the advice from Federal and State Government changes.
  3. Scope

    1. This policy applies to all Guests and AP’s who use VOYAKTM for accommodation related services.
  4. Statement of Commitment and Role of Company

    Voyak® is committed to:

    1. following, partnering and consulting with third-party and government agencies in relation to COVID-19 to ensure the resolution of any occupational health, contact-tracing and safety issues;
    2. slowing the spread of COVID-19 by disseminating information to Guests during a “Booking” and AP’s; and
    3. assisting Guests and AP’s in queries they may have in relation to COVID-19.
  5. Dissemination of Policy

    1. This Policy is made Public and is accessible to Guests and AP’s using VOYAK® for any accommodation services.
  6. Your Role

    1. As a Guest:
      1. Follow Federal, State, Local and Accommodation specific advice on COVID-19 including nationally recognised advice on:
        1. Social Distancing (1.5 meter apart from each other)
        2. Hand Washing (including santising with an alcohol based sanitiser)
        3. And specific advice on wearing a face mask as required by some States
    2. As an AP:
      1. Set out a COVID-Safe Plans as required by State and Local Governments in your Accommodation and ensure that that you communicate this effectively to the Guest upon arrival.
      2. Ensure that Hand Sanitisation Stations are installed at Reception so that Guests upon arrival can sanitise their hands.
  7. Review

    1. This document will be reviewed annually or more frequently, if required, by VOYAKTM in consultation with AP’s and third-party agencies to ensure continued compliance with occupational health and safety legislation in relation to COVID-19.
    2. Please forward your questions / queries to support@voyak.com.au or call us on 07 3726 5090.

Policy Last Updated – 03-August-2020

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

The “Extenuating Circumstances Policy” deals with circumstances that generally are out of the control of Voyak® (such as a Global Pandemic, Bushfires). In these circumstances, we may:

  1. at our discretion, implement and activate our own Cancellation and Refund policy and override any AP “Cancellation and Refund” policies.
  2. both Guests and AP’s agree to be bound by it. In the event of any inconsistency between our policy and the AP’s policy, our policy will prevail.
  3. as such; all “Bookings” will be cancelled by us
  4. we may, consult with third-party or government agencies in making such decisions
  5. as a Guest, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund depending upon the circumstances
  6. we may as part of this policy, communicate and consult with AP’s prior to making such decisions (time permitting) and inform Guests through email or text message

Policy Last Updated – 03-August-2020