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About us

What is Voyak®?

Voyak® is a practical approach to an Accommodation Booking Platform, built with an intense focus on serving Customer interests first before Company interests. We pride ourselves on conducting business ethically.

Our vision is to create an amazing Accommodation Booking Platform where Guests never have to experience an inconvenience while booking accommodation, and Accommodation Providers can focus on Delivering a Superior Guest Experience.

As a Guest

You will receive superior value out of our service (including cheapest rooms) and that you are not psychologically manipulated to make a decision and get to experience the simplest process to book accommodation – every time. Along with supporting the Australian Economy, as Voyak® is an Australian Owned Company.

Current Trends in the Accommodation Industry

Voyak® understands that accommodation operational costs have increased significantly, threatening the survival of numerous family and independent accommodation establishments.

Industry experts estimate that 25% of accommodations (especially motels) will become economically unviable to operate and directly impact their ability to respond to ever-changing Guest requirements in the future.

Our primary objective for Accommodation Providers is to become the cheapest and remain the cheapest advertising and marketing channel.

The existing advertising and marketing channels inhibit Accommodation Providers with access to increased profits and overall business success as these channels are expensive.

You do not have to spend upwards of 1000 of $’s per month on upfront advertising to get bookings.

The cost of doing business in the Accommodation Industry is rising to the point that we have Providers who are not directing funds toward property renovations – they simply cannot afford renovations due to the high cost of doing business.

We need to ask this fundamental question:

  1. Why are Accommodation Providers not directing funds towards renovations?

It is imperative that we take on a new course of lowering business costs for independent and family operated Accommodations.

This is only achievable through a new Accommodation Booking Platform built in Australia for Australian Accommodations to use which is focused on reducing costs – to the point where a booking does not cost you an arm or a leg.

Why we need to change...

Two years have elapsed since Dick Smith helped launch a campaign urging major OTA’s to listen to family and independent operator concerns. To this date, major OTA’s have not listened to these concerns. Only an Australian Company is the last hope for a positive change in the Australian Accommodation Industry.

The Voyak® solution...

Ultimately, the only solution is a new Accommodation Booking Platform built to serve the primary interests of family and independently operated Accommodations and is not a ‘Cost’ burden to operators.

The greatest benefit to Accommodation Providers is now they have an Australian Company who will always remain approachable for anything required by both the Accommodation and Tourism Sectors.

As an Australian Company, we’re 100% committed to contributing to the Australian economy, particularly in its recovery in a Post-COVID world.

Our Operating Principles

Product Focused
Technology is at the core of building products that really matter and enable us to also build the next generation End-to-End Travel Platform at Voyak®.

Customer Centric
We will always serve every Customer the same way we served them on the first day of Company Launch – with empathy, respect, decency, and humility. This is our promise.

Low Cost
We are committed to lowering the cost of business in the Accommodation Sector to enable Accommodation Providers to focus and direct funds on the most important aspect – Delivering a Superior Guest Experience

It’s time for companies to give back to the world

10% of Company Profits fund ASTRO (Animal Services Treatment & Rescue Organisation). ASTRO is inspired by an RSPCA Rescue Dog (an Australian Kelpie).

ASTRO’s core mission is to fund people and organisations who support and rescue animals of all kinds – globally.

ASTRO will also include a Human Initiative fund. Human Initiative will fund the access for children who cannot afford education and provide shelter facilities for the homeless (Yes, we realise this is a tall order).

At Voyak®, we will continue to take on new ambitions to shape a better world and set an example for companies to start giving back to the world 💪.